Student Guidelines

College Student Status

Students enrolled in the dual enrollment program ARE college students.

College credit and high school credit will be earned at the same time. All students are working toward completion of coursework that will be reflected on their college transcript. The transcript is a permanent, official college record. A student's final grade in a dual enrollment class, or withdrawing from a class past the deadline, can affect financial aid eligibility and admission to an institution of higher learning upon high school graduation.

Students SHOULD NOT enroll in the dual enrollment program unless he or she is committed to meeting the admissions requirements and deadlines as well as passing the class.

Applying to the Dual Enrollment Program

Students MUST meet the application requirements and deadlines to be eligible for the dual enrollment program. To view the admissions requirements and current deadlines please visit or contact your high school dual enrollment contact. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement.

Registering for a Dual Enrollment Class

Because dual enrollment students do not participate in traditional college registration, they MUST complete and sign an "S" (section) form for EACH dual enrollment class in which they are enrolled. The "S" form must be completed and signed before the college's 12th class day. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he or she has completed the "S" form. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this requirement.

Please note the completion of the "S" form does not ensure enrollment. Students MUST meet admissions requirements as well as testing and class prerequisites in order to be enrolled.

Withdrawing/Dropping a Dual Enrollment Class

Dual enrollment students are required to complete and sign an STC drop form in order to withdraw from a dual enrollment class. Return the drop form to the high school dual enrollment contact. In addition, dual enrollment contacts may use the public school information system to drop a student from a class after the established census date.

Dual enrollment students ARE college students and must abide by STC guidelines for withdrawing or dropping a class. Students who drop the class before the college's 12th class day will be dropped without penalty. The class will not appear on the student's college transcript. However, if a student withdraws or drops a class after the college's 12th class day, the class will be included on the students' college transcript, and can affect the student's financial aid eligibility and/or admission to an institution of higher learning.