Work Study

The Federal and State work study programs provide part-time employment for students who demonstrate financial need in order to settle the cost of higher education. Work Study employment allows students the opportunity to earn their aid and is not intended to interfere with a student's education.  A student's studies will be given first priority.


  • Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at least half time (6 credit hours) per semester.  Note: If applying during the end of Spring semester for May-June employment, student must also be pre-registered for at least 6 credit hours for the upcoming Fall semester.
  • Apply and Complete the FAFSA. Note: If applying during the end of Spring semester for May-June employment, student must have the upcoming year’s FAFSA complete in addition.
  • Student must meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy
  • Student must have unmet need.
  • Student must submit a completed Work-Study application. 

Apply for Work-Study

  • To apply for a Work Study position you must submit a Work Study application.  Applications are also available at any Student Financial Services Office (Mid Valley, Starr or Pecan campus).  All work study applications are subject to a background check; only those approved will be considered for Work Study.

Additional Information:

  • Student workers are allowed a maximum of Fifteen hours per week due to academic reasons. Fifteen hours a week will allow you to continuously work while enrolled in school. You are not allowed at any time to earn more than what was awarded to you on your award letter. It will be your responsibility not to exceed the total award amount.
  • The number of Work Study positions available per year for the college is determined by the Federal and State Work Study allocations from the U.S. Department of Education and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board respectively, for that award year.
  • The number of hours of part-time work is based on the student’s financial aid need for the year. Maximum award is based on a student's need.