Dual2Degree Department

The Dual2Degree Department manages enrollment and support services for high school students admitted to the Dual Enrollment Program at South Texas College. Department staff provide assistance to dual enrollment students with the admission and registration process, and support their academic success by providing advisement, orientation and transition services at high school sites. The Dual2Degree Department maintains a unique relationship with community agency representatives, high school counselors and other school district personnel, to ensure that they are providing the most efficient and effective service possible.

Mission Statement:

The Dual2Degree Department cultivates a college-going culture in our community and provides enrollment and quality services to ensure academic success for dual enrollment students at South Texas College.

Enrollment Timelines

Dual Enrollment
Admission & Registration Timeline

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Summer I 2017

Summer II 2017


For more information about the enrollment process and other important information relating to the Dual 2 Degree Program, please download the Dual 2 Degree Manual under the “Documents” section of this webpage.

Dual 2 Degree Student Success Plan

Please click on the link below to complete South Texas College’s Dual 2 Degree Student Success Plan. Dual enrollment students placed on Academic Probation may clear academic holds by successfully completing this module. Should you have any questions, please contact the Dual 2 Degree Department at (956)872-8391.

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