Steps to Apply for TSI Assessment Test

1.      Log on to

2.      Select STC MARKETPLACE on the drop down menu of Resources:

When you click on “I’m Looking For” it will look like so and you click on Marketplace:

3.      Select the CAMPUS you want to test at:

4.       Select the EXAM you want to register for the TSI Assessment Exam:

5.       Select the MONTH:

6.      Once you have chosen a DATE & number of SECTIONS you wish to test for, click on ADD TO CART:

7.       Click on CHECKOUT:

8.       Verify that this date is the one you want, and click CONTINUE TO DELIVERY ADDRESS:

9.       Once on Delivery Address you either “Continue Unregistered” or Sign In and Continue and fill out ALL the information:

10.   Select payment method:

Once you have completed the method of payment, you will click on submit and you have completed your Registration Process and will receive a confirmation via e-mail.