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Career Assessment

A career can provide you with the professional fulfillment and financial support needed to have a successful future. But what happens when you aren’t entirely sure what your career path will be? South Texas College can help you find the answer to this question with a Career Cruising evaluation. This assessment will ask you questions designed to help you figure out which career is suited for your success.

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Job Readiness

Finally getting the job you’ve been wanting can be amazing, but the lengthy process and time it takes to get there can often be overwhelming and difficult. South Texas College is fully committed to helping you land the job you deserve. We'll prepare you for your interview, review your resume and teach you some of the most effective interview etiquette you’ll need.

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  • Interviewing
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Find your future job

Finding a great job is now easier to do with South Texas College and College Central Network. This online job search system provides students with the tools they need to browse listings in an effective and simple manner that’s absolutely free.

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