Test Proctor Request Form

This form must be completed only by instructors.

Students must have received the Accommodation Memo from the Counseling and Student Disability Services (CSDS) for the current term and present the memo to the instructor at least five days before receiving testing accommodations.

It is the responsibility of the instructor and student to work together to accommodate a student. Counseling and Student Disability Services (CSDS) provides the option for students to test in our offices as a courtesy to professors who are unable to proctor. Our office needs the Test Proctoring Request Form, submitted a minimum of 3 business days in advance in order to proctor for the student.

NOTE: If space is unavailable in an alternative testing location during the needed time frame, professors and students must make other arrangements so that the student still receives the accommodations, however, both student and instructor must agree to the alternative test site.

Once the request and test information have been submitted, your student(s) must contact their counselor to schedule a test proctoring appointment.