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The TSI Assessment exam is available online through Examity, a remote proctoring service for students who may not be able to test on campus due to COVID-19, who live out of state, or reside in a different country. Please note there is a list of requirements that need to be completed before taking the TSI exam online.

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To Qualify for TSI Online Remote Testing with Examity:

  1. First you must apply to South Texas College at applytexas.org. You will be assigned a Student ID A# that is required to sign up for the TSI Online Remote Testing.

  2. A valid picture ID is required.

  3. Please complete a computer systems check to ensure your computer meets the minimum technical requirements. Visit Examity and review the Computer Requirements section. Then run a systems check to test your computer requirements.

  4. All exam fees with South Texas College and Examity are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please note: Examity has a proctoring fee of $25 when you schedule a TSI exam through them. This is an additional fee that is paid separately and is not associated with South Texas College TSI Exam fees. Students are liable to pay all exam and proctoring fees related to the TSI exam. The TSI fee is $15 per section or $29.00 for all three sections plus an additional $25.00 reservation fee.

  5. If this is your first time testing for the TSI exam you must complete a TSI Pre-Assessment Activity and submit a copy to testing@southtexascollege.edu.

    TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

  6. Once you have completed all steps, proceed to register below:

    After you register and pay, please wait 24-48 hrs for an email from Accuplacer with your voucher information and how to proceed to schedule your test date with Examity.

Additional Information:

  1. Students are not allowed to use any type of calculator when taking the TSI Assessment. A pop-up calculator is embedded on some TSI Math questions.
  2. The TSI exam is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. A student may re-take the TSI exam at any time that it is offered, as long as you follow all the steps.
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