The Student Financial Services department of South Texas College administers several scholarship funds. With one standard application, you can be considered for multiple scholarships at once!

South Texas College Scholarship Application

2021-2022 Application

Notice: Please download the PDF and then complete the application using Adobe Reader. Do not use the PDF viewer inside your web browser - the information may not be saved.

Common Application Scholarships

Scholarship Name Amount Status
Adelante Scholarship Up to $500 Closed
Alumni & Friends Scholarship Varies Closed
Computer Science Scholarship Varies Closed
Constancia Oliva Scholarship $250 Fall & $250 Spring Closed
David L. Lopez Memorial Scholarship for Culinary Arts and Architectural Design Varies Closed
Diesel Technology Scholarship Varies Closed
Experience Exceptional Scholarship Varies Closed
Gary and Bailey Gurwitz Scholarship Varies Closed
Gloria Fitch Scholarship $250 Fall & $250 Spring Closed
Good Neighbor Scholarship Varies Closed
IME Becas Scholarship Program $500 Closed
Jesse Treviño 2nd Chance Scholarship Up to $500 Closed
Kent M. Biel Automotive Technology Memorial Scholarship $500 Closed
Mesteño Scholarship Varies Closed
Nadia & Lauren Scholarship $500 Closed
RGV Quilt Guild Scholarship $500 Closed
Senator Chuy Hinojosa Scholarship Varies Closed
Veterans Memorial Scholarship $250 Fall Closed
Victoria Quintanilla Scholarship $250 Fall & $250 Spring Closed

The following scholarships will still require a separate application. You will need to apply for each of these individually and submit the required documents.

Individual Application Scholarships

Scholarship Name Amount Status
AAWCC Scholarship $250 to $500 Open
B2BMED Scholarship Varies Open
Cambria Changing Lives $400 Closed
Charles Robinson History Major Scholarship $1,500 Open
CHOC Scholarship $250 Closed
College Success for Healthcare Scholarship $250 Closed
College Success Scholarship $500 Fall & $500 Spring Closed
Criminal Justice Department Scholarship $400 to $800 Closed
Dr. Garza Early Childhood Child Development Scholarship $500 Closed
Dr. John F. Carroll Drama Scholarship $500 Fall & $500 Spring Closed
Elide Lee Scholarship $250 Open
Gene Haas Scholarship Varies Closed
Grainger Tools for Tomorrow Scholarship Program $1,000 Fall & $1,000 Spring Closed
Hidalgo County Dependent Competitive Tuition Scholarship $500 Fall & $500 Spring Closed
Hidalgo County Employee Competitive Tuition Scholarship $500 Fall & $500 Spring Closed
Horatio Alger Association Varies Open
ISPP&I Administrative Professionals Scholarship $250 Closed
Jeremy McLeaish Scholarship $250 Open
Karen Wilson Scholarship $250 Open
Kenedy Scholarship $1,000 Spring Closed
Maudie Mary Finney Memorial Scholarship Varies Closed
MEDA Scholarship Varies Closed
Music Scholarship Varies Closed
Physical Science & Engineering Department Scholarship $250 Fall Open
Political Science Department Scholarship Varies Closed
Psychological Science Scholarship $500 Closed
RGV Census Ambassador Scholarship $1,000 Closed
Royal Technologies Scholarship $500 Fall & $500 Spring Closed
Social Sciences Scholarship $500 Closed
South Texas Manufacturers Association Scholarship $500 Fall & $500 Spring Closed
Starr Psychology Club Scholarship $1,000 Closed
STARS Scholarship Varies Closed
STEM Scholars Academy Scholarship Varies Closed
STHS McAllen Medical Center Foundation Scholarship $1,000 Fall & $1,000 Spring Closed
TheDream.US Scholarship Varies Closed
Valley Health Care Network Nursing Scholarship Varies Open

Over Award Policy

Federal and state regulations mandate that a student’s total financial aid package (grants and other resources) cannot exceed the student’s financial need. Financial need is defined as Cost of Attendance minus Expected Family Contribution (EFC calculated by your FAFSA). Once a student has been selected as a scholarship Recipient, the office of Student Financial Services must ensure that the student is not over awarded. An overaward occurs when the student’s financial aid package exceeds his or her financial need.

Requirements for Checks:

All external scholarship checks should be made payable to South Texas College. Include the student name and ID Number. Send to:

South Texas College
ATTN: Financial Aid
3201 W. Pecan Blvd.
McAllen, TX 78501

Scholarship Resources

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