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Note Takers

The role of a note-taker at Counseling and Student Accessibility Services (CSAS) it to neatly record class notes on behalf of students with disabilities. Note-taker are arranged by the CSAS office. CSAS office manages volunteer note takers and paid note-takers and assigns classes based on the schedule availability of students each semester.

For whom am I taking notes?

You will be taking notes for someone in the class (the "notes recipient") who has been approved for having a note-taker, based on documented disabilities (through Counseling and Student Accessibility Services). Sometimes the notes recipients request anonymity, in which case, you will not know the name of the person for whom you are taking notes.

How will the instructor know about me?

We will notify all instructors who will have a note-taker in their classes. It is also a good idea for you to introduce yourself at the start of the term.


  • It is very important to keep confidential that you are taking notes for a particular student.
  • Avoid pointing or singling out the student with a disability.
  • Only discuss questions or concerns with student, professor, or Student Accessibility Services.


  • It is equally important to be discreet when giving students his/her notes.
  • Preferably, give students the notes as students are getting up and leaving class.

Note Taking Paper

  • If more paper is needed you may pick up more paper from the Counseling & Student Accessibility Services department at your campus:
    • Pecan Campus
      3201 W. Pecan Blvd McAllen, Texas 78502
      Phone: 956-872-2173
      Building K 2.900
    • Mid-Valley Campus
      400 N. Border
      Weslaco, Texas 78596
      Phone: 956-447-1229
      Building F 110
    • Starr County Campus
      142 FM 3167
      Rio Grande, Texas 78582
      Phone: 956-488-5864
      Building G 1.304C
    • Technology Campus
      3700 W. Military Hwy. McAllen, Texas 78503
      Phone: 956-872-6125
      Building B 175
    • Nursing & Allied Health Campus
      1101 E. Vermont
      McAllen, Texas 78502
      Phone: 956-872-3077
      Building 1.408
  • Ask student if he/she can bring more paper for you.


  • Attendance is important for the student who needs the notes and for the note-taker as well.
  • Emergencies may come up; however, if you need to be absent please call or e-mail Counseling & Student Accessibility Services department as soon as possible in order for arrangements to be made.
  • If the student who you are taking notes for continuously fails to show up to class (more than 2 days in a row), please inform the Counseling & Student Accessibility Services department.



Please remember to turn in your note-taker registration form to Counseling & Student Accessibility Services office at your campus as soon as possible. Thank you.


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