Book Allowances & Final Refunds

Below are the tentative dates for book allowances and final refunds.

There are many steps that must be completed before the processing of book allowances may begin, some of which are outside the control of the Cashier's Office or the Student Financial Services Department.

Financial aid must be posted to a student's account for a book allowance to be issued. Financial aid cannot be posted to a student's account until grades for the previous semester are entered on the computer system, Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated, and several computer processes are complete. Students must complete their financial aid files before book allowances may be issued. The same applies to the issuance of Final Refunds. Any changes to the many factors that determine student eligibility may result in an adjustment or cancellation of financial aid funds; this includes verification of class attendance from instructors. More information on student eligibility is available on the STC website, the STC Catalog and numerous financial aid publications.

Students will be issued book allowances and/or final refunds, assuming that the conditions necessary (described above) for the disbursement of funds are met.

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