Check Your Status

All financial aid information is now available on JagNet; letters with information will no longer be mailed out. Via your JagNet account you can view your status, pending information, or view your Financial Aid award.

JagNet Login

Would you like to know your financial aid status? Follow these steps!

  1. Log on to your JagNet account
  2. Click on the "Financial Aid Status" app

For pending documents:

  • Go to “Student requirements” link

For status:

  • Go to “academic progress” link

For status on Appeals, Income Reduction, Dependency Override, Loans:

  • Go to “messages” link

For award amount:

  • Go to “awarded” link
  • Click “award overview” tab

* a positive balance means amount of money you need to pay.  A negative balance means a credit you may receive as book allowance and/or refund.

For account balance:

  • Go to “Award summary”

For previous Financial aid awards:

  • Go to “financial aid history”