Developmental Coursework

The U.S. Department of Education established the following guideline for how developmental courses may be funded. Students may receive Federal Aid for up to one academic year's worth of developmental coursework; for community colleges, the limit is:

30 credit hours

The Office of Student Financial Services complies with this guideline by reviewing all student records after the census day of each semester. We will verify if any eligible students are attempting their 11th or greater developmental course.

Remember that Pell Grant awards are partially determined by the students enrollment status (full-time, 3/4 time, part-time, etc.). Any Pell Grant award made to students who are attempting their 11th or greater developmental course will be re-calculated excluding developmental course(s) from the student's enrollment status.

Please note: The information on this webpage only pertains to the developmental coursework limitation. A student must satisfy all USDOE, State of Texas, and STC eligibility requirements to receive financial aid.

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