Exemptions & Waivers

An exemption or a waiver is a payment of all or part of a student's tuition and fee bill. Effective Fall 2014, Senate Bill 1210 (83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session) adds a 2.0 Grade Point Average requirement for persons to receive continuation award through the program. The Bill also establishes a Limit to the Total Number of Hours, cumulative, that a student may take and continue to receive award through the program. Texas Education Code: TEC 54.014

Some Exemptions and Waivers may require the Statement of Eligibility for State Funded Programs form. Please check with Student Financial Services if this is a required form for your exemption or waiver.


Adopted Students Formerly in Foster or Other Residential Care

Blind/Deaf Student Exemption Program

Children of Disabled or Deceased Firemen, Peace Officers, Game Wardens, and Employees of Correctional Institutions

Children of US Military who are Missing in Action or Prisoners of War (MIA/POWs)

Clinical Preceptors and their Children

Concurrent Enrollment Waiver (Enrollment in Two Texas Community Colleges)

Educational Aide Exemption

Firefighters Taking Fire Science Courses (Note: Deadline to submit documentation is Census of every semester.)

Peace Officers Disabled in the Line of Duty

Peace Officers Enrolled in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice Courses (Note: Deadline to submit documentation is 1 week before classes begin every semester.)

Students under Conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services

TAPS for Tuition Program

Tuition Reduction for Students Taking More than 15 Hours


College Faculty and their Dependents

Economic Development and Diversification Waiver

Foreign Services Officers Stationed in Mexico Attending Public Institutions of Higher Education in Texas

Spouse and Dependents Who Previously Lived in Texas

NATO Forces

Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants Waiver

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