Academic Advising

Academic Advisors are here to help you define and develop realistic educational goals and to help you understand the objective/requirements necessary to meet those goals. Our Centers promote a collective and shared responsibility. We encourage you to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to monitor your progress towards completion and remember to utilize all resources available to you. If you are a new student at South Texas College, remember to visit the Enrollment Center to ensure the admissions process is complete prior to meeting with an advisor.

Mandatory Advisement for First-Time-in- College Students

To ensure you are on the right pathway to completion since the beginning, South Texas College implemented Mandatory Advisement for First-Time- in-College (FTIC) students. If you are an FTIC student, a Mandatory Advisement Hold is placed on your student record to ensure that you meet with an advisor for educational planning prior to registering for courses. During the mandatory advisement session, the academic advisor will develop an Individualized Educational Plan and address important information such as stackable credentials when applicable and support services/resources available to help you stay in school and complete a certificate/degree. The academic advisor will talk to you about the importance of only taking courses within your selected career pathway and to utilize DegreeWorks to monitor ongoing progress towards completion for your certificate/degree. Remember to visit the Enrollment Center to ensure the admissions process is complete prior to meeting with an advisor.

For more information please contact your advisor or call the Advising Office at 872-8372.

Who Is My Advisor?

Academic Advisors Advisors for Programs Advisors for Majors

Academic Advisors
Phone Location
Pecan Campus
Banda, Jessie 872-2574 K 1.506
Castrejon, Eric 872-8377 K 1.512
Coria, Jorge 872-8347 K1.518
Davila, James D 872-3416 K 1.508
De Leon, Lizbeth 872-2533 K 1.604
Medrano, Vanessa 872-8378 K 1.502
Morales, Alexandra 872-2511 K 1.520
Vacant 872-2634 K 1.514
Peralez, Bianca 872-1668 K 1.504
Rodriguez, Sasha 872-2635 K 1.510
Mid-Valley Campus
Cardenas, Steven 447-6614 F 103
Rivera, Edgar 447-6616 F 105
Rivera, Marissa 447-6612 F 104
Starr County Campus
Maldonado, Jaime 872-5806 1.402A
Deleon, Lisbeth 872-5841 1.402B
Program Advisors
Phone Location
P.A.S.S. Program
Bravo, Monica 872-6312 B 180
Cortez, Michelle 872-6314 B 185
Zamora, Graciela 872-6313 B 175
Santa Maria, Marisela 872-6315 B 181
Honors Program
Reittinger, Eric 872-2622 T1-628
Valley Scholars
Montoyo, Mayra 872-6453 X106
New Mathways Project
Esparza, Celina 872-1994 J 3.1004
Dev. Math Students
Cervantes, Velma 872-6312 B 181
Gonzalez, Nancy 872-6314 B 185
Medrano, Herlinda 872-6313 B 175
Dev. Reading/Writing Students
Martinez, Matthew 872-2043 J2.1102
Advisors for Majors
Phone Location
Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Majors
Ruiz, Janie 872-7264 Pecan Campus T 2.618
Business & Technology Majors
Munoz, Eva 872-2179 Technology C-130
Bachelor of Applied Technology (CIT) Majors
Cortez, Jarice 872-3497 Pecan Campus G 236
Sanchez, Manuel 872-7272 Pecan Campus G 236
Bachelor of Applied Technology Tech. Management
Morales, Alexandra 872-7272 Pecan Campus G 236
Bachelor of Applied Technology & Health Management
Guerra, Valeria 872-7276 Pecan Campus G 236
Bachelor of Applied Science Organizational Leadership
Garcia, Alejandra 872-7272 Pecan Campus G 236
NAH Majors
Villanueva, Maria 872-3008 NAH 4126
Online Students
Rios, San Juanita 872-6729 A 147

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